Our Approach

SCaT's Vision

SCaT's vision is to provide and sustain a trail system for non-motorized recreational use. We want people to come out and enjoy this extraordinarily unique area located in the Castle River basin which is now part of the new Castle Provincial Park.

Our Story

SCaT's Story

The Syncline Cross-Country Trails were originally developed for the 1975 Canada Winter games. Trails were mainly created by clearing some of the existing old logging and mine prop-cutting roads which laced the area.

Originally these trails came under Alberta Forestry direction and were for non-motorized recreation only. Due to budget cutbacks of the Klein government era, maintenance of the trails in the late 1990s was ended.

The Syncline Castle Trails Association (also known as SCaT) was incorporated in March, 2002, as a non-profit group whose goals were and are to provide and promote a system of trails for recreational and non-motorized use in the Syncline and Castle Rivers drainages of southwestern Alberta.

Working with Alberta Forestry, SCaT offered basic maintenance of the trails until the creation of the Castle Provincial Park.