SCaT: Syncline Castle Trail Info

Trails are listed from easiest to hardest: color coded GREEN and BLUE. Track setting is done only on the River Loop trail. Snowshoers, please be courteous and stay to the side of the ski tracks.


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River Loop: The River loop starts at the main parking lot at junction 9. It is 3 km long. The North trail follows the West Castle river, with views of the Syncline Mountain and forest. There are few hills to ascent and descend with 2 alternate routes always being your easier choice. You will find several benches along the way (Mine Prop bench by Junction 8/ River Lop bench by junction 6/ Back Link bench by junction 5. There are also trail maps located at junctions 9, 8, 5.

March 8

Feb 22 - alter. route 2

Front Link: Front Link as accessed from the main parking lot at junction 9.  It is 0.6 km long, easy going with a forest setting and connects you to the Chinook Loop at junction 10.

March 8

Meadow Trail: Meadow Trail also starts at the main parking lot at junction 9. It is 0.6 km long and joins up with the Mine Prop Trail.

March 8

Mine Prop: Mine Prop Trail has 3 segments and is .85 km long. You can access the Mine Prop Trail directly from the main parking lot at junction #9. The 3 segments cross junctions 4, 3, 8. Junction 3 will connect you to the Meadow Trail and junction 8 connects you to the River Loop Trail. Junction 8 also has the Mine prop bench. Enjoy the smell and beauty of the timber forest on this journey. You can gets familiar with your trip on trail maps at junction 9 & 8.

March 8

Chinook Loop: Chinook Loop is 2.5 km long. and is accessed by the Front Link at junction 10 via the main parking lot via the Front Link, or the secondary parking lot. You will cross junctions 11 & 12, with both junctions connecting you to the Racers Loop. You will find wooden trail maps at junctions 10 & 11 to help you along the way.

Feb 22 - trail packed

Back Link: Back Link is 1 km long and is accessed via the River Loop at junction 5 where you will also find a trail map and the Back Link bench. The alternate route will take you through some ancient glaciated terrain.  You will connect to the Racers Loop at junction 13 where you will find another trail map and the Table Mountain bench. Take some time to enjoy the view of table Mountain from here. 

Feb 14 - Jan 28 - Alter. route

Lake Loop: The Lake Loop is an extension of the River Loop and is 3.2 km long. You access the Lake Loop at junction 6 where you will also locate the River Loop bench. From junction 6 you travel 0.6 km to junction 7. This is where the rest of the Lake loop will take you around a wet land and shale ponds. The North end of the trail has roller coaster terrain and is for the more experienced skier. There are two benches along the Lake Loop (Lake and Moose Meadows benches) located at red spot 7.25 & 7.5. Contact SCaT to continue to Castle Mountain on this trail.

March 8

Racers Loop: Racers Loop is 3.9 km long. You can access this loop from the Back Link at junction 13, Chinook Loop at junction 12 & 13. There is one alternate trail at junction 13 that will take you through some glaciated terrain and a wet land. In addition, you will also find the Table Mountain bench here. The East side of the trail starting at junction 11 follows a logging road and is quite wide to allow for skiing side by side. 

March 8 - Feb 22 - Atler. route

Truck Box Meadow: Truck Box Meadow is a continuation of the South end of the Racers Loop and is 3.5 km long. You have to travel 6 km from the main parking lot to access Truck Box Meadow. You can view the South Castle River from this trail as well as add a little excitement by locating the geocache site. Contact SCaT to find out how to continue on to the Lake Loop.

March 8

Ready for a little more adventure?

Looking for a little more adventure? E-mail SCaT to find out more additional trail information that is not on our trail map at this time. Find out how the Truck Box joins the Lake Loop and how to take the Lake Loop to Castle Mountain. You can even ask to see if you can join one of our members for this little adventure! Check out our Trail Map page.

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