April 5/2019 Trail Report

Grooming has concluded for the ski season. Please avoid trails unless frozen or dry ground conditions are present, in order to reduce damage during this sensitive time of year. Trails may still be accessible for winter sports until Early-Mid April SCaT

March 18/2019 Trail Report

It was a beautiful weekend out on the trails. Blue bird skies and great weather. More great weather expected this week. With the warming temperatures watch for a change in snow conditions. SCaT

March 8/2019 Trail Report

Good coverage today, most trails groomed at full width, except Blue Bird, Back Link, Racer's Loop. Great conditions for grooming, and excellent ski conditions expected for the weekend. Watch for drifting in exposed areas. SCaT

February 22/2019 Trail Report

Most trails groomed today, except racers loop, bluebird, and several alternates. Enjoy the excellent conditions! SCaT

February 13/2019 Trail Report

Approximately 30cm of snow accumulated early this week. Grooming began today, and will continue until the weekend. Please move to the side and allow groomers to pass if encountered on the trail. SCaT

February 5/2019 Trail Report

Due to Friday's warm temperatures, the underlying ice layer has once again proved troublesome. Most trails have been groomed (reference live map) in the hopes that it will set and result in improved conditions following additional snowfall. Caution is advised for trails climbing out of parking areas (trails at lower elevation) and for sections on the North end of the network. Lake Loop, River Loop and Truck Box to Lake are beginning to set nicely. SCaT

February 1/2019 Trail report

An attempt to groom was made today, but the temperature was +5 Celsius and not conducive to quality grooming. A fair amount of snow has melted in the past few days, causing bare spots to re-emerge. SCaT