January 5/2018 – Trail Report

Most of the trails have been sled pack and are ready to be track set today. Even though we received a lot of snow during the last snow storm, keep in mind some of the trails are cover by a dense forest and there may still be some rocks and vegetation exposed in these densely covered areas. Remember trails are maintained by volunteers with the Syncline Castle Trails Association (SCaT) in cooperation with Alberta Parks. Please support the association by enjoying the landscape and ski trails, snowshoe on the side of the trails, like us on Facebook, donate to SCaT, and post photos to the Alberta Parks Flickr Account. You can even post your story and photos to our Visitor Posts page. So get out and start your new outdoor adventure today! SCaT

December 28/2017 Trail Report

Initial work has begun to establish a base on ski trails for the 2017/2018 ski season. Last weeks snow storm brought approximately 30cms of very dry, low density snow to the trails. Trails near the second parking lot have been groomed but not track set including: "River Loop and Alternate" "Mine Prop" "Back Link" and portions of "Chinook Loop". Snow is once again starting to fall and we are expecting another 10 to 20cms over the next few days. Please check back often for updates on the condition of trails. Dog owners please remember the Provincial Parks Act requires dogs be kept on a leash at all times while in the park. Owners are also required to pick-up after their pet. Thank you and have a Happy New Year! SCaT