April 22nd Trail Report

It is Spring at the Syncline. Skiing is not in the forcast until next winter. However, get your hiking boots on and get ready for some hiking, biking and equestrain riding this Spring and Summer. SCaT

March 31st Trail Report

There is new snow on the trails; so get on your cross country skies or your snow shoes and get out and enjoy the Syncline. SCaT

March 8th Trail Report

There is 3"-4" of new snow over crusty old snow with a deep solid base. There is more snow the deeper into the valley you go. No trails have been recently packed or groomed, they are skier/, snowshoer-packed. All in all very good conditions. SCaT

February 24th Trail Report

There is new snow! We have (3-4") on top with a good base. However, the trails were not groomed after the last snowfall. The trails are only skier or snowshoer packed, and not necessarily on every trail. Nevertheless, very good skiing. SCaT

February 14th Trail Report

Here is our a packing report for today: Lots and lots of snow. The River Loop, Mine Prop. Front Link, Chinook, and most of the Racers Loop have been groomed. The Back Link and some of Racers are just sled packed, which will be okay. The Lake Loop or the Truck Box HAS NOT been groomed as the snow got too warm and "let go" . (N.B. both trails have been skier packed, however.) Our groomed spoke to a skier who had just done the Lake Loop, about 3 pm, and she was up to her knees in old tracks. But at least they have some skier packed trails. So get out and enjoy the trails! Thanks everyone! SCaT

January 25th Trail Report

Another beautiful day. And after working the snow on a warmish Jan. 17th I think we have a real base now. All of the trails have been groomed, with the exception of a few short alternate trails. Everything that has been completed: Lake, River, Mine Prop, Meadow, Front Link, Chinook, Racers, Back Link, and the Truck Box. The snow was heavy so tracks have not been set at this time. Reports from skiers were they were happy with the grooming and the horse post holes have been removed. LOTS of folks out today. Nice.

January 17 Trail Report

There has been lots of snow since the trails have last been worked on. 3.9 km of the West half / upriver section of the trail network has been groomed (the River and Lake Loop). The River Loop and Mine Prop have been groomed and track set (Westerly off the main parking lot). The East half of the system has only been machine packed (sled only): the Front Link, Chinook Loop, portion of the Racers Loop and down to the Truck box. The Back Link and inner Racers (approx. 4 km) have not been done but they are skier packed on the old packed trail. Summary Groomed 3.9 km. Groomed and Track Set 4.3 km, and Track Packed 9.4 km. We would also like to thank the MD of Pincher Creek for clearing the parking lot.

January 5 Trail Report

Trails were packed again by the end of yesterday. There was enough snow that it took the groomer a couple of days to do it all. At least 6 inches of new snow and up to 12 as you go further west. The parking lots have also been cleared. We hope to get the River Loop track set in the near future, too. "Awesome season for Syncline" is one comment I've received. So get out and enjoy the trails!