AGM Meeting May 5th

ALL ARE WELCOME!!! SCaT AGM: May 5th / 2017 6:30 pm meeting at Anja VanDer Heijden’s house: her house is located off the second drive way on the right 3 km from the Beaver Mine’s Store off the highway 774. You will turn at the shared drive way between the Limber Limber Pine B&B and Anja’s house. The road will split and you will take the right up the hill. We will start off with a very welcoming and delicious pot luck supper at 5:30 pm. There will be slides of back country travel after the AGM. For more details: phone 403-627-5131…..
Every thing will be fun, the meeting will be short, and the spread of food will be wide and fantastic! Plus meet and gather with some fantastic people!


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